Disinfection Services

Committed to ensuring safety in your space, we disinfect using advanced cleaning technologies.

Vertical uses the method of misting and fogging to reach the most inaccessible parts of a room which lessens the risks of bacteria and germs to multiply. In comparison to the wipe-down method, fogging is at an advantage because it is designed to eradicate harmful microbes that are invisible to the eyes. Fogging truly works best for an all-around sanitation. Vertical aims for a safe environment for all and pushes for a healthier community. This will be achieved through intensive cleaning through disinfection and decontamination, that's what Vertical is here to do.


For disinfection, Vertical will apply the method of spraying through misting and fogging. We provide:

• Thermal Fogging
Disinfection by heating up a coil within a metal tube, causing the liquid solution to vaporize. The vapor is propelled out into tiny droplets in a visible cloud. Vertical uses both propane and electricity for thermal foggers.

• ULV Misting (Ultra Low Volume Misting)
Disinfection by producing fog with the use of pressure. Vertical uses both electricity and battery-powered ULV foggers.


Vertical will be using disinfectant powder and fogging solutions that are effective against viral, fungal, and bacterial diseases. It guarantees elimination of microbes which causes diseases. Chemicals used for operation are all non-toxic and eco-friendly.


1. Site Assessment
Vertical and the client will agree on a date to conduct a site visit for area inspection.
2. Quotation
Vertical will send quotation for the project.

3. Disinfection and Decontamination
Once quotation is signed and approved, disinfection will commence.


Shopping Centers
Construction sites
Residential spaces
Commercial spaces AND MORE!


In relation to the Department of Health’s provision on “Guidelines on Cleaning and Disinfection in Various Settings as an Infection Prevention and Control Measure Against COVID-19” Vertical will be providing complete sets of Personal Protective Equipment to its team for the entire duration of disinfection, rest assured that the team are briefed about the nature of their assignment beforehand. The client is expected to take precautionary measures that are to be discussed prior disinfection.

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